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As an owner and manager of a number of the finest vacation rentals in the country, cleanliness has always been my top priority and one of the most important benefits offered to the guests who vacation with us.

My search for the highest quality bedding has always been my passion. Never completely satisfied with the pillow protectors available, I kept looking until I discovered a product that satisfied all my expectations in hygiene, luxury and quality. Quilted too – just like my Southern grandma used to make.

A blend of 20% cotton and 80% polyester, you have complete assurance that they are “breathable”, will wear like iron, retain their downy softness and never shrink or pill!

Not to keep a wonderful product to myself I decided it was time to share my find with others. I know you will experience the luxury and quality as I do.


Pamela Hayes

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You are probably asking yourself, “What is the benefit of my using pillow protectors? Isn’t it enough to use a pillow slip to cover the pillows in my home?”

The answer to that question is no, for several very important reasons.

First oil and perspiration from hair and face will eventually permanently damage your pillow. And second pillows are magnets for dust, dirt and dander which can aggravate allergic reactions. Using a pillow protector not only shields your pillows from damages but also keeps them perfectly clean and just like new for years to come!

Just think, you can throw these pillow protectors into your washer and dryer with the rest of your bedding and they will come out soft and sweet, ready to go back to work protecting your family in wonderful comfort!
Quality pillows are expensive.  Instead of replacing them every year or so, keep them protected with an inexpensive pillow protector. Then spend the money you save on a day at the Spa pampering yourself!
Do you take your own bulky pillows when you travel? Instead take our pillow protector to put over the ones at the hotel!