Pillow Protectors

Ever wonder why you always see pillow protectors on the pillows of five-star hotels and resorts?  Why do some people own them and others do not?  Is there really a point in spending the extra money to purchase them?  In this article you will learn why it is important to purchase and use pillow protectors and how you can save hundreds of dollars on each pillow in your house.

The first and most obvious answer to why you need a pillow protector is found literally in the name, pillow protector. Let’s say you just purchased new pillows for all the beds in your home. They are beautiful, spotless, fresh and new, and they cost you a pretty penny. They look and feel wonderful! They are an investment that should last for years. Now, what happens the first time your loving husband lays his head down on his brand new pillow? Immediately the oil from his hair and face seep through that flimsy cover that came with your pillow and an ugly permanent stain appears that will have to be washed out in order to stop the growth of bacteria.

That same night your daughter has one of her bloody noses, and her pristine, new pillow will never be the same. The next day your dear childhood friend visits with her brand new precious little baby boy. As she lays that sweet infant on the bed in the guest room to change a diaper, on no! That baby lets loose with a stream of urine and there goes another one of your new pillows, ruined forever.

If you are like many women you are all too familiar with pesky night sweats that cover your body with a river of sweat, soaking your hair. Once again you have stained that investment forever!  Some web sites recommend putting pillows in plastic bags and even leaving the original plastic covering on your mattress. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to sleep on plastic!

Besides stains, another essential reason to use quilted pillow protectors on every pillow is to cut down on dust, and dust mites. You know those creepy little creatures that multiply in bedding and exacerbate allergies in sensitive family members, especially children. Studies show that down or feather bedding is said to be the worst culprit for breeding these little pests. It is recommended to use pillows made of manmade fibers. There is always down pillows as an alternative, but then they must be washed and dried in the dryer.  It is recommended that they be washed every week. That is very time consuming not sure it is practical for most of us. Perhaps you are fortunate enough to have a live in maid or a cleaning service that will take the job on.

Another suggestion to kill dust mites is to hang pillows and other bedding outside in the sun, but many of us do not have the luxury that our Mom’s used to have with the huge back yard and the clothes line.  Instead many of us try to hang our things on the patio furniture and barbeque. That means dragging blankets and towels out to cover those things first!

If you own pillow protectors, all you do is simply remove the thick, quilted, pillow protector every time you strip the bed linens to wash and dry your linens.  They can just be thrown into the washing machine and dryer right along with the sheets.

Another other important component in a pillow protector is a zipper. The zipper holds the pillow snugly, which is also protective and helps to create a neat package of your pillow which adds to the beauty of your bed. And speaking of how your bed looks, let’s take a look at shams. How about those pillows you are going to fill them with. Are they a bit flat?  Those pillows need to be plump enough to fill that sham and make it sit up and be counted. But, if your pillows just aren’t up to the task don’t run out and purchase an expensive new pillow or double up.  One or even two inexpensive quilted pillow protectors will make all the difference.

Now that you understand the importance of using pillow protectors in your home, now one needs to determine where can you find a quality zippered, quilted pillow protector for your beds? Some of the very best pillow protectors are available on the web at http://PamelasPillowProtectors.com. They are reasonably priced at $14.00 for a pair of Queen Size and $16.00 for King Size.

Pillow protectors can add a touch of luxury and comfort to your home that reduce the need to purchase pillows more often, provide protection from bedbugs, and reduces the need to wash the actual pillow.  Try one today.  Soon you will be purchasing them for every bed in your house.