Pamela’s Story

In 1999, after 25 years in Corporate America, I traded in my high heels and panty hose for t-shirts and tennis shoes and started a cleaning service. A year later a friend who cleaned for owners of condominiums at North Coast Village asked if I would fill in for her while she took a vacation. The first thing I noticed in the condos was how dirty they were and the appalling state of the pillows and mattresses. They were stained horribly, and completely unacceptable to my mind. I remember thinking that if I stayed in one of these condos and then stripped the bed (which is one of the requirements) that I would run out screaming, after jumping in the shower of course!

Realizing the great business opportunity I moved my business to North Coast Village and within a few months had cleaning contracts for 26 units. The first thing I did when taking over a new unit was to buy new pillows and mattresses and protect them as best I could with what was on the market. Thus began my search for the best, softest, most reliable pillow protector I could find.

Two years later I made the decision to buy 3 condos and as my cleaning clients were begging me to handle their bookings, I began a full time rental/booking agency. I now am the agent for 19 condos as well as my own. It gives me great pleasure that many of my guests make their vacation plans with me year after year. Making sure that their vacation visits are always special and memorable is one of my greatest joys.

I am a member of the “Oceanside Chamber of Commerce” and am active in my community, fundraising for worthy causes.

As you can imagine my washing machine and dryer are busy appliances. Many weeks I spot clean and wash 60-70 loads.   At first, I purchased pillow protectors from a local nationwide chain store, (you know the one) but they were your basic flimsy cotton paper-thin model and the price was very high, selling for $6.97 apiece. They protected until after only 2or 3 washings and then failed to stop the moisture seeping through and staining my beautiful new pillows.

Finally, I found a mom and pop business out of Pennsylvania, who were willing to sell to me on a modified wholesale basis, since I purchased 100 of their product at a time in order to accommodate all of my condos. They sent out a sample to me and they were so much nicer than the ones I had been using and were quilted too, just like my Southern grandma used to make.

Then after 5 years these lovely seniors retired, and I had to begin my search once more.  I was able to find some that looked nice but they were $20-$30 apiece and as I read the reviews they were described as rough and scratchy.  I continued the hunt. Finally, I found a company who would send me samples. As I opened the package I knew this was it. The pillow protectors were lovely, with thick quilting on both sides.  I just wanted to lay my head on them and bask in their softness.

Not to keep a wonderful product to myself I decided it was time to share my find with others. I hope you find them as special as I do!



Pamela Hayes